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published ー 2024-03-18, from KY.updated ー 2024-03-28, from KY.
What I'm doing now
  • Learning Rust and data structures/algorithms
    • • expanding my view as a web developer
    • • solving programming problems (BOJ, Leetcode) in Rust
  • 100 Days, 100 People Sketch Challenge
    • • trying to spend at least 5 minutes of drawing everyday
  • Wake up at 04:30
    • • enjoying the silence.
    • • spending couple hours in the morning doing things I want to do
  • Working on a side project
    1. • Project Madelen - React, TypeScript
    2. • Pomodoro Timer - Rust (completed; pomosh)
    3. • Gregg Shorthand Dictionary - Rust, Tesseract OCR
  • YouTube Live
    • • doing code/study with me live.
What I'm NOT trying to do
  • Relying on LLM
    • • I found myself utilizing ChatGPT to not only check grammars but also to rephrase what I wrote to make it "look" better, which no longer makes it my words (toots)
  • Doing stupid things
    • • There are some stupid things that I'm doing, that I know are stupid and wrong, that I colud stop doing, and that I would stop doing.
  • Migrated from X to Mastadon (2024-03-16)
    • • I got tired of negative tweets flowing around my timeline
  • Stopped using Obisidian (2024-03-28)
Things on repeat
This is a now page, inspired from Derek Sivers' now page movement.